Thursday, 29 June 2017

Quote of the Day: The Greater the Mission...

'The greater the mission, the greater the hurdles that come in the way.' - Younus AlGohar

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Kiya Roz-e-Azal Se Pehlay Bhi Allah Ne Rouhen Banayi Thien?

#AskYounusAlGohar - When God created the souls in the Primordial Times, he showed the modelled luxuries of the world and paradise. Why did he not show hellfire?

Younus AlGohar explains what actually transpired in the Primordial Times and why human beings are mere puppets in the hands of God.

Main Points:

- In the Primordial Times, when the souls were created they were shown the modelled luxuries of the world and paradise. A large quantity leapt towards each and some were left indecisive whose fate was then suspended. Hell was neither mentioned nor shown to the souls.

- God also neither mentioned nor showed the luxuries of his Person (Dhaat) and love, however, we have heard of numerous personalities that would colour the world with God's love. So, where did the notion of God's love come from?

- When the souls were created in the Primordial Times, there was no concept of evil; there was no influence of Satan because Satan did not exist. Therefore, the souls were just souls. However, a majority of the souls leapt towards the world because that is exactly what God had planned.

- Koran: "I have created a vast majority of human beings and Jinns for hellfire.' This simply means that human beings are nothing in their own capacity, they have no athority to make any decisions on their own. Everything that happens, everything that has come to pass and everything that will happen is in accordance to God's plan and agenda.

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Quote of the Day: If You are Born with Meekness...

‘If you are born with meekness in your nature, it doesn’t mean you are a coward.’ - Younus AlGohar

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Quote of the Day: When Emotions Are Synchronised...

‘When emotions are synchronised well with intellect, they become diffused.’ - Younus AlGohar

Monday, 26 June 2017

Quote of the Day: No Matter What...

'No matter what you do, do it wholeheartedly.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Quote of the Day: In Life...

'In life, never lose hope and don't get put off until you thrive!' - Younus AlGohar

Saturday, 24 June 2017

#AskYounusAlGohar - What is the Purpose of Fasting?

Fasting is a struggle to purify your Carnal Self. To refrain from eating is just one aspect of fasting.

The purpose of fasting is to reduce the intake of Negative Energy (Naar) and increase the intake of Divine Energy (Noor).

Negative Energy enters your body at all times while you breathe. However when we eat, we obtain a lot [more] Negative Energy. So in a fast, you stop eating for 15-16 hours to stop the Carnal Self from obtaining its diet of Negative Energy. When a person gets ill, he stops eating; but in order to get well, you still have to take medicine. During a fast, different types of worship such as Taraweeh and Salat are all ways to increase Divine Energy in you.

Fasting was prescribed to Christians also. It was something which had been made a religious obligation upon many nations before Islam. You are trying to weaken your Carnal Self, which is the source of all evil in your body. However, keeping yourself away from consumption of food is just one very tiny element of inner purification.

During fasting, you refrain from consumption of all foods, but at the same time, you must be able to replace that Negative Energy with Divine Energy so that your Carnal Self becomes purified.

Therefore to practise fasting effectively, one has to be enlightened in the heart. One’s heart must be articulated with God’s name; one’s heart must have learnt the art of producing Divine Energy.
If your heart is still not open and you are fasting, the job is only half done. Since the job is only half done, it is not going to benefit you in any way.
You will feel like you’ve taken some depression tablets when you fast. You’ll feel like you have calmed down. That is all you will get by the half job. If you continue to practise fasting without an enlightened heart, it is not going to benefit you at all.

As a result, you can see we are in the holy month of Ramadan. However, those ‘Muslims’ especially who do not get tired proclaiming that they are the purest of all Muslims – instead of purifying themselves, they are busy in human slaughter. They’re carrying out an organised butchery of mankind. Had their hearts and thought processes been purified; had their inner selves been purged, they would not even want to harm a tiny insect.

I am explaining the spiritual mechanism of fasting. Fasting in one sentence is to cut down on the intake of Negative Energy and increase the intake of Divine Energy. This is only possible when your heart is enlightened and has learned the art of producing Divine Energy.

Those who take every aspect of the religion as a ritual don’t dig beyond that ritualistic understanding. They are just wasting their time. Their practice of any ritual is futile – a complete waste. You can see the results. There are over a billion Muslims all over the world. But to be honest with you, even with the education they have, practically speaking, they are the farthest from any moral or religious values. They are those who don’t even know what ethical values are. Their religiosity is based on blindfoldedly practised rituals.

These rituals will only benefit you when you have learnt to effectively receive the spiritual benefits of that practice. Therefore any religious practice today in the absence of spirituality is a complete waste of time and energy. The result is null and void. Simple as that.

Kiya Deen-e-Ilahi Naya Deen Hai?


#AskYounusAlGohar: Is the Religion of God not a new religion? Is it not different to the religion of Islam established by Prophet Mohammad?

Main Points: 

- If the Religion of God is a new religion then God must also be new. God is the same God that sent down Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Prophet Mohammad. God did not think the establish his own religions after the prophets established their religions. All the prophets were influenced by the Religion of God and then they established the religions for mankind. 

- It is written in the Koran that a vast majority of mankind will enter into the Religion of God. And it also states, addressing Prophet Mohammad that when the Religion of God is established, turn your face towards it because it is the religion of the future, all other religions will be wiped out. 

- If the religion of the future was supposed to be Islam, was Prophet Mohammad's face not turned towards Islam when he established the religion? This is not a human philosophy, it is written in the Koran. 

- The clerics spread misguidance amongst the nation of Islam. When they are proven wrong they change the meaning behind the verses. It is not the religion of Islam which will be established in the future, it is the Religion of God. 

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Jashan-e-Shahi Youm-e-Mehdi 2017 Khasoosi Khitab

On the auspicious day of Jashan-e-Shahi, the Day of Mehdi, HH Younus AlGohar renders a spectacular lecture and reveals untold secrets about Laila tul Qadar. 

Main Points: 

- Throughout our lives we have heard about special or significant days that we celebrate to commemorate special or significant moments. It used to be a religious concept (Saint Days, Prophet Days etc), however, we even celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day. 

- The important thing to understand is do these days render any spiritual benefits and benevolence? Does celebrating Mother's Day and Father's Day increase our love for our parents? For example, celebrating 12 Rabi ul Awal each year, does it bring you closer to Prophet Mohammad? Are you connected to him? 

- People don't understand why you are supposed to celebrate important days. Some days are Spiritually Active days and some days are just plain days. And Laila tul Qadar is a Spiritually Active night because God sends his creatures and the Initial Reflection comes down on that night. 

- Itikaf was established by Prophet Mohammad so that you do not miss Laila tul Qadar, however, now in the era of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi something even greater than Laila tul Qadar has arrived. And it comes on the 15th of Ramadan.

- Before the advent of Imam Mehdi Gohar Shahi, you had to sit in Itikaf to look for Laila tul Qadar, however, now His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi comes Himself a week beforehand so that you do not miss a single moment of benevolence.

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Quote of the Day: Success Comes to Those...

‘Success comes to those that seek it.’ - Younus AlGohar

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Quote of the Day: Let Nothing Stop You...

‘Let nothing stop you from propagating the truth.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Quote of the Day: The Secret to Success...

'The secret to success is unstoppable struggle.' - Younus AlGohar

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Monday, 19 June 2017

Quote of the Day: Your Enemy is Within...

‘Your enemy is within you.’ - Younus AlGohar

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Quote of the Day: The Real You...

‘The real you is not your body. The real you is your soul.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Quote of the Day: Persistency is Greater...

‘Persistency is greater than working miracles.’ - Younus AlGohar

Friday, 16 June 2017

Quote of the Day: Good Ideas Do Not Come...

‘Good ideas do not come to a mind filled with negativity.’ - Younus AlGohar

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Quote of the Day: To Adopt God's Lifestyle...

‘To adopt God’s lifestyle is to adopt God’s religion.’ - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, The Religion of God (Divine Love)

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Quote of the Day: One Has to Be Extremely...

‘One has to be extremely determined and committed to finding the truth.’ - Younus AlGohar

Monday, 12 June 2017

How Emotions Shape Up Complexes

🎥 New Video: How Emotions Shape Up Complexes | By His Holiness @YounusAlGohar

HH Younus AlGohar’s course on Self-Awareness, Level 2: Emotional Intelligence, Lesson 4:

How many human beings out of millions of people out there want to study themselves, want to study how emotions value themselves in our life; how emotionally do we go wrong and how our own emotions play with us and our mind? 

Due to the fact that we don’t have enough knowledge of our own self [and others around us], we never get to know our own emotions and feelings, the right conduct that we must carry; our demeanour, boundaries, our liberties and then liberties and boundaries of others. We take it for granted.

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Quote of the Day: The Best One...

‘The best one doesn’t ever think he is the best.’ - Younus AlGohar

Saturday, 10 June 2017

Quote of the Day: Set Yourself Free...

'Set yourself free from the limitations and boundaries of religions, nationalities, colour and creed.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Friday, 9 June 2017

Quote of the Day: Pain is from the...

'Pain is from the package of love.' - Younus AlGohar

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Quote of the Day: When You Want to Do Something...

‘When you want to do something good, do it straight away.’ - Younus AlGohar

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Quote of the Day: When the Mind is Corrupt...

‘When the mind is corrupt, your actions will be ugly. When the heart is corrupt, your character will be ugly.’ - Younus AlGohar

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Quote of the Day: You Cannot Achieve...

'You cannot achieve love until your ego has been taken care of.' - Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Quote of the Day: Love Softens the Heart...

'Love softens the heart.' - Younus AlGohar

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Quote of the Day: Self-Love is Not Just...

'Self-love is not just self-destructive — it is like a time bomb.' - Younus AlGohar, The Dangers of Self-Love

Friday, 2 June 2017

#AskYounusAlGohar - How Do Inanimate Objects Communicate?

The following is a transcript of Younus AlGohar's reply to a viewer on YouTube live.

It is through the Subtlety of Akhfah (Arcane) that human beings can speak and through the Subtlety of Ana that they can see, but when the body dies the subtleties are wasted in the grave. You will not be granted new subtleties in paradise because the subtleties were given to human beings in the world as a test. God wanted to see if you would utilise these subtleties.

This is a method but do not think this method is definite because the trees and animals don’t possess the Subtlety of Akhfah, however, God is Absolute Power and he can make any creature – animate or inanimate – do as he pleases.

When the human soul comes into the world and enters the body, it is in a dormant state. But when it goes back it is not in a dormant state. After spending time in this world, the soul will not be given a small body in paradise. The bodies there will be substantial and the same soul will be placed inside the new body, in accordance with its accountability. Those new bodies will never burn nor perish.

The reason for the ageing process in the world is resistance;  then everything we eat is foreign to us because we were made from the clay in heaven. There is a lot of filth, which causes wear and tear on the body. However, there is no such thing in paradise. Everything there is in liquid form, even apples don’t have any texture. There are no solid things; hence, the bodies don’t go through exertion.

You might have heard stories that somebody who never spoke English before fell asleep one night and woke up speaking in English or somebody who lived in England all their life suddenly woke up with an American accent – these things do happen. God does show his Divine Power from time to time. The mechanism of speaking in the world is different to the mechanism in paradise; do not apply the rules of this world to the rules of paradise.
God said: I have Absolute Power over everything.  Koran [5:120]
This is the reason why there are incidents whereby stones and animals speak. Prophet Mohammad’s staff used to converse with him; animals used to converse with him. However, this method of communication is different.

If you lived in the era of Prophet Mohammad, you might think the animals conversed with him in the Arabic language and you’d be able to hear the conversation. But the animals, sticks and stones did not converse in this manner; whatever they wanted to say would come onto the heart of Prophet Mohammad.  

I used to think the same but once I was sitting on a sofa somewhere and all of the sudden my hands and feet began to itch. I had the same thought echoing in my mind over and over again that somebody has done something wrong on this sofa. I was disturbed; I didn’t know why this thought was echoing in my mind. I was perplexed. Then, after a few years, I was some place else, sitting on a bus and another thought began echoing in my mind repeatedly that somebody was stabbed here. When this started happening frequently, I became concerned and I asked His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi what was happening to me.
HDE Gohar Shahi explained, ‘These inanimate objects are conversing with you but you think they are just your thoughts. These things are actually speaking to you.’
 Allama Iqbal said: If God granted you the friendship of nature; you’d be able to converse with the flowers.

This does not mean that you will be able to stand before a tree and ask it to tell you a story and you will hear the tree replying. Whenever inanimate objects converse with you, it will come onto your heart.

In order to be a verified recipient of this type of communication, you must be a Qalb-e-Shaheed (The Witnessing Heart). Otherwise, you may think things are communicating with you, but really they are your own thoughts.

When these communications come onto the Qalb-e-Shaheed, if they are evil thoughts they will be expelled, and if they are divine thoughts the production of Divine Light will increase. However, if the thoughts are neither expelled nor increase the Divine Light it simply means it is the communication from inanimate objects. If a tree is conversing with you, the script coming onto your heart will not be divine, would it? It will just be a thought. There will be no Divine Light in it because inanimate objects do not possess Divine light.

Now, the image of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi on the Moon can also communicate with people and the method of communication is the same: you ask your question in your heart and the answer will also be revealed onto your heart. This is how this method of communication is carried out.

Quote of the Day: Those Who Have...

‘Those who have God in their hearts, they are never unhappy.’ - His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Quote of the Day: The Most Dangerous...

‘The most dangerous form of love is self-love.’ - Younus AlGohar, The Dangers of Self-Love

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Quote of the Day: God's Policies and Planning...

'God’s policies and planning have created a monstrous vacuum for the people who want to understand religions and God.' - Younus AlGohar, Determining the Right Path: My Struggle

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Aamad-e-Mehdi Qur'an Se Sabit

The advent of Imam Mehdi proven in the light of the Koran by HH Younus AlGohar

Main Points: 

- The verse in Koran [75:8-11] is one of the signs of the advent of Imam Mehdi AS. 

- 'The sun and the moon will be joined together' is referred to an eclipse. In the beginning of Prophet Mohammad’s era, before his arrival, people thought an eclipse was a bad omen but it is not so. 

- Prophet Mohammad himself said: One of the signs of my Mehdi will be that, an incident which has never taken place, since the creation of this universe, will take place on the advent of Imam Mehdi. During the month of Ramadan, there will be an eclipse on the 1st day of Ramadan and on the 15th of Ramadan. A lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse. 

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Quote of the Day: You Can't Fight...

‘You can't fight with bad luck and a mad dog.’ - Younus AlGohar 

Monday, 29 May 2017

Can the United Kingdom Take a Bold Step to Combat Terrorism?

In the wake of a deadly terrorist attack in Manchester on Monday, I would like to explain how to help the authorities identify the criminals, the terrorists and their terrorist cells.
The problem is, their worship places have turned into their terrorist cells. Politically, it is a mosque. According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, everybody should be allowed to practise their respective faiths.

So a mosque is actually a safe haven for terrorists who are doing all sorts of planning and training in the mosques. However, the governments in Europe have shown a great deal of resilience. This resilience is not the result of any prejudice or fear. Rather, this resilience is the result of the intentions of the authorities to keep people of all cultures united in the country.

When an Islamist terrorist carries out an atrocity, he kills himself along with 20–100 people. This act of atrocity brings calamity upon all non-violent, pragmatic, progressive, moderate, liberal, law-abiding citizens. All Muslims are then treated with the same attitude.
One problem is how to tackle Wahhabis and how to shut down their mosques. Politically, it is not possible. Muslims will go against this decision. I have thought a lot about it and I have come with this understanding that there is, in the Quran 9:107, a solution for the British government.

The Story in the Quran

In Medina, there was a mosque called Quba. Prophet Mohammad advised all to visit that mosque and offer prayers there. Some people did apparently become Muslims, however, their intentions were different — they didn’t like Prophet Mohammad and didn’t want to respect him. So next to Quba Mosque, their built another mosque which is known as Dirar Mosque.

The hypocrites gave an excuse for why they were not willing to offer prayers in the Quba mosque. They said, ‘People used to tie up their donkeys in the place Quba Mosque is built. It is a dirty place.’

Somehow or other, the Prophet was informed that they built Dirar Mosque. Prophet Mohammad was very kind and lenient. He was never impulsive. He didn’t like fights or arguments. So when Prophet Mohammad was informed about this new mosque, he approved of it. He said, ‘Ok, no problem.’ Then, Prophet Mohammad decided to visit that mosque. When he was about to visit Dirar Mosque, revelation from God came, stopping him from going there.

Twelve hypocrites were behind the construction of this mosque and they were in contact with somebody in Mecca who was a dedicated enemy of Prophet Mohammad and Islam. In order to support him, they offered him Dirar Mosque. Their understanding was to bring a great loss to the Muslim Nation in Medina and defeat Prophet Mohammad. On top of that, of course, they wanted to make divisions in Islam.
So God stopped Prophet Mohammad from going to the Dirar Mosque. At the same time, God commanded them to demolish the mosque. The mosque was set on fire and demolished.
This is the reference from the Quran for the British or American authorities to understand and use. Call a meeting with all Muslim scholars and leaders. Tell them: a mosque was designed to bring the Muslim Nation to a loss, to hurt and harm the Muslim Nation and make divisions within Islam. Even though Prophet Mohammad was so lenient and he didn’t care, God stopped him from going there.

God commanded Prophet Mohammad to demolish Dirar Mosque.

Now, mosques which are funded by Saudi Arabia propagate and project Wahhabism, Saudi fanaticism and extremism. They are [targeting] vulnerable youth and people of different religions in the UK, USA and other European countries.

These Wahhabis are bringing a great loss to the Muslim nation. They are earning a bad name of Islam; Islam doesn’t allow terrorism. God sent Prophet Mohammad as divine mercy. This divine mercy in the form of Prophet Mohammad was meant to benefit all humanity. So these Wahhabis have actually destroyed Islam.
Not all Muslims are terrorists. You will only find terrorists who come from the Wahhabi background. They are making divisions in Islam. They are bringing a great loss to the Muslim Nation. Their intentions are bad.
When a mosque can be demolished upon the decree of God in Medina, why can you not destroy a mosque in London? When it is clear these mosques are not mosques?
Dirar Mosque in Medina appeared to be a mosque, but God did not approve of it. Therefore, all these mosques that are promoting terrorism are not considered to be mosques in the eyes of Islam.

The authorities should take a bold step and destroy these terrorist mosques wherever they can. This is coming from the Quran, it is not my point of view.

Sunday, 28 May 2017

#ManchesterAttack - Are We Doing Enough?

After every terrorist attack whereby innocent lives are lost and the threat level is raised, everybody gets down to their computer desks and sends messages of condolences. They pray for people. This is not going to help and it is not enough.
Identify the problem. The first step toward any prevention is to identify your enemy; identify the criminal.
We feel a bit relaxed when we are told that ISIS is in Iraq and Syria and they are more than 2000 miles away from our homes. We must not forget that ISIS is just an organisation; it is nothing in itself. The main thing is the ideology behind all these terrorist organisations who are shedding blood every day: Wahhabism.
When such a terrorist attack takes place, the entire Muslim community has to suffer the backlash and repercussions after it. Every Muslim is suspected to be a terrorist. [The terrorists] are making every Muslim’s life difficult.
Islam does not teach terrorism or violence.
According to the Koran 5:32, ‘Killing one human being is equal to killing the entire humanity.’ Suicide is also strictly prohibited in Islam.
Who could understand more than the founder of Islam, Prophet Mohammad? There was a companion of the Prophet Mohammad who was fighting against non-believers. During this battle, he was severely wounded and Prophet Mohammad was showing all sorts of sympathies for him. Later on, he was in so much pain that he was not able to bear it. So, he took a decision that destroyed him: he killed himself.

When the news was brought to Prophet Mohammad, Prophet Mohammad said, ‘I am not going to say prayers [for] him; he has lost his faith. I deprive him of my salvation.’ This is how detestable an act of suicide bombing is in Islam.
Those who think they know Islam, I ask them to study the Koran and Prophet Mohammad’s life well. Prophet Mohammad did not hurt or hate anybody; he was sent into this world as blessings for the entire humanity [Koran 21:107].
There was a Jewish woman who used to throw rubbish upon Prophet Mohammad every time he would pass by her area. Prophet Mohammad did not change his way and he continued to go through the same area. One day, when Prophet Mohammad was passing by her house, she wasn’t there. Prophet Mohammad got worried and asked somebody, ‘Where is that woman who throws rubbish on me?’ They replied, ‘She is not feeling well.’ Prophet Mohammad went to her house and asked her, ‘How are you feeling? I was waiting for you.’ She cried and said, ‘You care about me so much even though I used to throw rubbish on you?’ Then she accepted Islam.
Islam was accepted because of Prophet Mohammad’s character. What [terrorists] are projecting to the world under the banner of Islam is not Islam; it is a bunch of lies.
Islam is not a killer religion. No matter what religion people practise — no matter whether or not they believe in God — you have no authority to kill them according to Islam.
There is a Day of Judgment when God will judge people and God will decide their fate. You cannot decide for them, because you yourself are a sinner.
Those who [kill others in the name of Islam] are enemies of humanity and Islam. According to the Koran, you cannot do such things.
All these individuals who project Wahhabism must be stopped in order to protect the country and peace-loving, law-abiding citizens of the country.
We detest any act of terrorism. Whether it is carried out under a political agenda or is religiously motivated, it is not acceptable under any circumstances.
We are raising awareness of love, peace, human value and divine values. Our hearts go out to the families of victims who lost their lives in the Manchester Attack.

To Islamists:

Whether people were singing and dancing, this is between them and God. You cannot decide for them; you have no authority. Don’t forget that God can forgive anybody; he is not going to ask you whether or not he should forgive somebody.

Don’t think Christians and Jews are Mushrikeen (polytheists). Mushrikeen are those who find a partner with God. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are Abrahamic, monotheistic faiths. They believe in one God; those who believe in one God cannot be called Mushrikeen. They believe in God and order for them to reach God, God sent them a messenger. Jesus was the messenger for Christians; Moses and Abraham were messengers for the Jews. Whether or not they have amended their books, this is between them and God. God will decide what to do; you have no authority to take anybody’s life. Those who do this are only bringing calamity and should await the torment from God.

Prophet Mohammad said, ‘You cannot be a Momin (true believer) if your neighbour goes to bed without food.’

If you don’t care about your neighbour and he sleeps without food, you are stripped of your faith. [Instead of giving them food] you are killing them — and you think you are a Momin. You are taking their lives and you still think you will enter Paradise?

Quote of the Day: When You Are Not Satisfied...

‘When you are not satisfied with your own self, you are angry with everybody else.’ - Younus AlGohar

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Friday, 26 May 2017

Quote of the Day: 'Corruption in the heart is more dangerous...

Quote of the Day: 'Corruption in the heart is more dangerous than corruption in the mind.' - His Holiness Younus AlGohar

#AskYounusAlGohar - Can You Convince Me Intellectually to Believe in HDE Gohar Shahi?

The following is a transcript of Younus AlGohar's reply to a viewer on YouTube live.

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi does not cater for your intellectuality. HDE is more concerned about your spirituality - about enlightenment of the soul and purgation of your Carnal Self. HDE Gohar Shahi estimates the possibilities of whether or not God will allow you into his friendship.

Secondly, I do not want to convince anybody to believe in HDE Gohar Shahi.
The reason why I don’t want to convince anybody to believe in HDE Gohar Shahi is that only seekers will find the truth. The truth does not beg anybody. I would hate to convince you.
There is a proverb in Persian, ‘True fragrance makes its presence felt.’ You don’t want somebody to tell you, ‘It is fragrance.’

We’re talking about HDE Gohar Shahi. While we’re talking about HDE Gohar Shahi, HDE Gohar Shahi’s name will attract the aspiring hearts and souls. If HDE Gohar Shahi’s name doesn’t interest the heart and soul of anybody, then it is useless for them.

I do not convince anybody, I would hate to do it. However, there is a book written by HDE Gohar Shahi, it is called The Religion of God (Divine Love). Go through every word of this book and you’ll find out what the score is.

HDE Gohar Shahi has nothing to do with intellectuality. Why would I give you a reason to believe in HDE Gohar Shahi other than what HDE has come here for? HDE has come here to enlighten our hearts and souls, and to purge our Carnal Selves.

The Difference Between Intellect and Intelligence

Secondly, you cannot understand or know God with intellect. Intellect is blindness, nothing else. If you would talk about intelligence, I would reply differently.

There is a difference between intelligence and intellect. You need intellect for your mundane life; however, now we’re talking about God, not this phenomenal world. In order to understand God, what you need is an enlightened heart. According to the Koran, the power of comprehension is granted to a heart when that heart is enlightened. [22:46]

Go through every single word of the Koran and tell me: can you understand God with your intellect? The answer is no. You need an enlightened heart. Then comes superior intelligence than that of the intellect you have in your head.
Intelligence is discerning and intuitive; it is not learnt, it is granted by God.
With your intellect, you can understand things relating to your life and this universe, however, God cannot be understood; actions and acts of God cannot be comprehended with the help for the intellect.
You need the enlightenment of the heart which will then initiate into that divine intelligence; this will be granted to your heart.

Q: How can the heart be granted intelligence when the heart doesn’t think?

I advised you to study The Religion of God (Divine Love) by HDE Gohar Shahi [which has answers to this question]. This sentence that you just wrote simply suggests to me that you are pretty naive to the concept of spirituality. You do not know what heart, in particular, I am referring to.

There is a fleshy heart which pumps and oxygenates the blood. This is not the heart I am talking about. I am talking about the heart which is like a soul, an angel; it is sitting on top of the fleshy heart. The fleshy heart is just housing it. That spiritual being which sits on the heart is in a dormant state. When this is activated and brought back to life through a spiritual guide, with the help of whom the spiritual heart is rejuvenated, then that heart thinks. That heart is granted intelligence.

Bear in mind this philosophy is not my own concocted philosophy. This is coming from the Koran: the power of comprehension is granted to the heartsMoula Ali, Data Ali Hajwari and Khwaja all read the same Koran. You and I are reading the same Koran. Every other Muslim in Muslim and non-Muslim countries, who are scattered into many different denotations are reading the same Koran. How come Ali had a different understanding of the Koran? It is nothing to do with intellectuality. It is to do with spiritual intelligence which is granted to the hearts when the hearts are purified and activated.

According to this knowledge of spirituality, the heart can become enlightened once the seed of the name of God is implanted in the heart. The heart is articulated with God’s name and thus this creates divine light.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Toheen-e-Risalat Aur Ulema Ka Fassad

Younus AlGohar answers a viewer's question about the Blasphemy Law in Pakistan.

Main Points: - The most important thing to understand is that a Muslim who recites the Declaration of Faith and respects Prophet Mohammad will never blaspheme against the Prophet. No follower of any religion would blaspheme against their own prophet. However, the level of respect for Prophet Mohammad does differ from each sect in Islam and this is the main reason why problems arise. 

 - Blasphemy cases are only filed against Sufis. If you pay close attention, you will come to know that Wahhabis and Deobandis are never charged with the blasphemy law. If somebody from the Wahhabi sect is accused of blasphemy, the religious scholars say that it was a mistake and God will forgive him; the same is never said about a non-Wahhabi Muslim. 

- If somebody has committed blasphemy against Prophet Mohammad, the religion of Islam does not allow the public to take the law into its hands. The judiciary must assess the case, check the evidence and witness' statements in order to determine whether blasphemy was committed or not.

- Unfortunately, in Pakistan currently, not only do the religious scholars force the police to file a blasphemy case against their victims; even before it reaches the court, they kill the accused but also the common public uses the blasphemy law for their personal vendettas as well. 

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